Cooltours® - Terms and Conditions 2023

Cooltours® is an Italian trade mark for driving services/limousine services owned by Anna Maria Madaffari.

Any illegal use of the name and logo will be pursuit by legal actions by the competent court.

Tours and activities are organized by Cooltours Viaggi S.r.l, under the technical direction of Anna Maria Madaffari also the CEO of the Tour Operator (Cooltours Viaggi S.r.l).

Cooltours Viaggi S.r.l is responsible of any accommodation, tickets and other third parties sells management and sales IF PURCHASED AND ARRANGED BY COOLTOURS S.R.L.

We are covered by the insurances as required by the State and Regional laws and we are associated with Fondo Vacanze Felici and we are members of FTO.

The tour operator is in charge of eventual tours, tour packages, and other arrangements along with the driving services provided by Cooltours® as the main provider and other eventual trusted collaborators provided.

Cooltours is responsible of a team of English speaking drivers, all vehicles are subjected to yearly inspections, regular NCC licenses and they are covered with the insurances for passengers and damages as required by the Italian laws in matters of public transportation.

All vehicles are sanitized and subjected to inspections.


Once availability is secured for your tours, we will send you our booking confirmation email and a deposit request or on requests we can charge a certain amount on your credit cards or for large amounts we can accept a bank wire, anyway you will need to make sure your bank will transfer the exact amount due otherwise the remaining fee will be charged once here to cover the bank expenses.

Usually a 30% of the total due is needed to confirm and if we do not get the amount in within a week, we do not secure the spots/dates.

You can pay the remaining 70% balance on the tour date in case of individual services.

In case of tour packages with multiple services, payments must be done 20 days before the service date.

The total amount agreed refers to full day services of 8 hours or whatever specified in the contract.

In case of extra hours due to guests' delays and their personal responsibility will be charged 70 EUROS+VAT at the end of the day.

If any delay and extra hour is caused by us, traffic or any reason not connected to our guests, you will not be charged any extra fee.


Deposits are refunded only for cancellations done 21 days prior the services date minus any fee such as credit cards or bank fees


If you pay in full and you cancel 30 days before the due date we will refund you the total amount minus any fee such as credit cards or bank fees.

In case of a cancellation on our part (extremely severe weather, guide ill, no substitute available) your deposit will be fully refunded (no service charge). 

Cooltours Viaggi Srl has the right to provide the services also through the above mentioned providers and contractors, so you pay for the services provided in any case.

By replying in the affirmative with your deposit, you agree to our deposit/payment  conditions. 

JOINABLE TOURS: You understand that if you do not show up for these tours or if you are over 10 minutes late to a semiprivate tour without notifying the driver, the driver cannot wait for you, and that the driver may TURN OFF HIS/HER PHONE as a courtesy to the other participants when the service begins. 

PRIVATE TOURS: In the case of an exclusive private service the driver will wait no more than 20 minutes, after the extra hourly fee will be applied. 

You understand that if you are late and/or miss the service you booked, you are liable IN ANY CASE for the original 30% of tour costs (your deposit). 

You agree that if for any reason you do not pay the amount due, and it is collected through the use of a collection agency, an attorney, or through other legal proceedings, you agree to pay all reasonable costs or fees, including attorney fees and court costs, incurred in connection with such collection effort. 

Cooltours® and Cooltours Viaggi S.r.l retain the right to make itinerary substitutions when necessary, providing equally interesting destinations (in case of road block, strike, etc. rendering impractical or undesirable original plans).

Before canceling, with advance notice, if you are the only party and our driver is available another day, he/she may be as happy as you to reschedule , so it's OK to ask.


In our vehicles IT IS FORBIDDEN TO:

**Drinks (beside water) in the vehicles and eventual wine bottles can be loaded in the vehicle only if they are sealed, no open bottles, glasses will be accepted in the car.

We kindly ask you not to damage the vehicles or vandalize them for any reason, stay comfy but please remember vehicles are public transportation and will be used after your service. 

ANYTHING BROKEN OR DAMAGED due to a guest's negligence will require payment by that guest.

During our tours specially wine tours, guests must adapt their alcohol consumption, according to their physiological characteristics, and possibly affections or medical treatments to which they may be subjected. We remind our guests that the alcohol consumption is not advised for pregnant women and that in a general way, the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health. 

We also remind that in Italy drinking age is 16+ years old, so Cooltours® will not serve alcohol to minors and we rely on parents' responsibility. 

Cooltours® is not responsible for your personal belongings so we highly recommend to take care of your phones, laptops and IPads, bags, sunglasses and anything precious for you. 

Anyway we will do our best to make sure no damages are caused and no items are lost and the drivers might bring back to your lodging lost and found objects if this delivery does not cause extra driving or out of the route driving.

In the case we will find your personal belongings after you left our country a shipping can be provided but it will be totally charged to the guests.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRAVEL INSURANCE, sometimes people really do cancel holidays 2 days before flying out, due to both bad and good circumstances - a local natural disaster threatening their home, the premature birth of a grandchild, a death in the family, a broken ankle making travel difficult, a fantastic new job offer that means rescheduling holiday plans. 

Insurance means not worrying about losing ANY of your investment. 


For assistance or questions please write Cooltours® 

For tour packages ONLY please write Cooltours Viaggi S.r.l

or click  Contact me