Full Days Wine Tasting Tours  with your personal wine expert

Over the last 12 years Cooltours became the leader company in Tuscany for its wine tours and wine tastings.

Our strenght is customized services, professional selection and high quality wines served during the tasting sessions at the wineries, the quality time spent with the vintners and of course the advantage of having a personal wine guide with you sharing her wine passion.

Cooltours wine tours are not a day drinking wines at a wine shop, they are a 360 degrees experience to enjoy the beauty of Tuscany through scenic drives and picture perfect views, to visit small and unique wineries where the owners welcome you to share their properties, and relaxing wine tastings to sip outstanding selected tuscan wines.

Not to forget, several wineries are open to public to provide at least basic wine tastings anyway some of the best wine producers and boutique wineries are reachable only through a local person who knows the Tuscan wine routes away from group tours to enjoy unique experiences.

In Italy as almost in every country, drinking and driving is strictly regulated and frankly you do not want to drive after more than a glass of wine for your safety and others!  Professional drivers are not allowed to drink so you can be driven around safe and sound without wasting your time in finding your way around .... getting the best from your time scheduled in Tuscany.

"Having me on a private or joinable full day Tuscan wine tour in the wine regions will ensure you that you will hire a personal English speaking guide, a licensed driver and an expert wine guide!"


The actual owners, winemakers or in a few occasions a wine guide from the professional staffs will welcome you in their wineries where you will tour the wine cellars first to learn about the winemaking process, and after enjoy the tasting rooms and panoramic terraces overlooking the vineyards for a private and generous wine tasting combined with a high quality tuscan extra virgin olive oil tasting where it is produced and available.

Not to forget farm to table products carefully provided during your tuscan wine tours.

An exclusive educational wine tasting lasts between 1 - 2 hours and you will be entertained by your private wine guide during the entire wine tasting specially to learn about the technical characteristics of tuscan wines and the relation between food and wine pairings.  

Taste highly rated red wines and Supertuscan wines 

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Taste award winning wines in boutique wineries 

Private tours or Joinable tours

Taste the finest tuscan red wine

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Taste a unique white wine

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Unique experience at your villa

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