Cooltours® -Family Style Cooking class in Tuscany

Meet the locals and experience a half day of tuscan cuisine

Italy is well known all over the world for its food and cooking traditions as well as the reason why Italy cuisine is so fascinating is because in every single region you will discover local food, different styles and ways of cooking.

Traditionally the tuscan cuisine is very simple and healthy, based on genuine ingredients, fresh products and slow cooking, little salt, lots of black pepper and aromas but not too spicy and oily and with a lot of bread, vegetables, cheeses and cold cuts.

Experiencing a cooking class while you are vacationing in Tuscany might involve several options although not everyone might want to spend a full day in a restaurant-like location and cook the all day long.

This cooking class is a fun and unconventional experience for every member of the family: you will meet local families, their children, their pets and you will be welcomed in their real kitchen!

You can assist the family members while cooking and have a demo or you can really put your hands down anyway the result is an authentic tuscan meal you will eat and the ingredients will be chosen and selected by you directly before the tuscan family cooking class will start.

Scroll down to have an idea about how the cooking class experience looks like

Cooking class

Most likely your day will start with a pick up at your location and after a scenic drive you will be welcomed by the family members who will show their properties.

After you will start preparing some dessert, past or gnocchi and depending on your option, you might prepare a second course or eventually you will be served with a feast of cold cuts and cheeses.

Time permitting your day can be topped by a walk in a village or a visit to a winery where you can visit the cellars and taste MORE wines considered you will taste a few during your meal as well.

*Please note: this activity is not sold independently from Cooltours® driving services.