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Montepulciano - Bagno Vignoni - Pienza

Did you ever see the movie "Under the tuscan sun" , "The Gladiator", "The English patient"?

Who can forget those rolling hills with cypresses in line, the sunflower fields where Russel Crow walks through, or the pictures that you saw on postcards or advertising....

The first time I explored the Valdorcia with my parents, my mom said that it looked unreal!!!

Well this is exactly where I would love to drive you on a daily excursion clearly a little longer travel time from Florence and less driving from Siena but I believe that the drive worths the visit there.

Imagine to stop along the most scenic roads and take pictures of immense beauty or simply breathe that fresh air and try to soak in those views and see the preserved landscape under the Unesco since 2004.

Scroll down to view some ideas on how to best use your time within a 8-10 hours sightseeing driving service without missing a thing.

Bagno Vignoni



Authentic Tuscany

Valdorcia south hills of Tuscany

Most likely your day will start with a pick up at your lodging between 8:30 or 9:00 am depending on your home base.

Enjoy a walk through Montepulciano, the most beautiful medieval and renaissance hilltop town of the area where movies like "Twilight" and the tv series "The Medicis" have been filmed just to mention a few.

This walled town is full of natural balconies from where to enjoy amazing views and take great pics but also lots of wineries for those interested in sipping a glass of the local Nobile di Montepulciano.

A cool stop will be in the hamlet of Bagno Vignoni where the square is a natural water spring once used by the Medici family as well as Saint Catherine da Siena to recover their bodies and their souls.

Overlooking Rocca d'Orcia, some ruins of an old roman bath where you can put your feet also in winter time because of the high water temperature.

All around the square local restaurants, trattorias serve local food like Chianina beef and wine like Rosso d'Orcia doc absolutely to try once there.

Your day has to be topped by a visit to Pienza considered the ideal renaissance town built under the Pope Pius II.

Pienza is famous for its architecture but also for the best cheese production of Tuscany, as a matter of fact the DOP Pecorino cheese (sheep-milk cheese) can be produced only in this specific tuscan region with the local milk and among cheese producers, some of them make their own product with raw milk and they will be happy to welcome you in their farms for a farm to table meal.