Expert Wine Tour Guide and Best Driver in Tuscany




HI EVERYBODY THIS IS  ANNA your personal wine guide, tour leader and travel planner at Cooltours® and Cooltours Viaggi s.r.l

After 3 years in the wine business, and other 5 years working for a tour company, in 2012 I opened Cooltours® as a transportation company since I'm a certified professional driver.

Very soon I registered my trade mark once I became the leader of wine tours and Tuscany tours in Florence and Tuscany. 

Since 2016 a certified sommelier graduated at the prestigious Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS) .

In 2022 another project started so I became the CEO of Cooltours Viaggi s.r.l, a boutique tour operator specialized in planning Tuscan vacations and wine vacations: we don't create random tour packages but customized experiences to make your dram to come true without the stress of planning yourself.

So all in one and I'm looking forward to hearing from you and what you will like to do on your upcoming trip to Tuscany.

Today I'm the front and back woman of the company and I also have my collaborators who have been highly selected in order to keep the usual standards we achieved over the last 12 years. 

Being an expert I will be able to help you on how to best use your time according to your main interests and I'll be ready to guide and drive you around the most amazing and juicy wine regions, giving you educational wine tours to taste high quality Chianti Classico, top Brunello di Montalcino, suggesting you boutique wineries where you will feel like home and you'll be away from tourists traps: exclusive locations, friendly people and high quality wines are a must for me . 

Unique off the beaten path villages, historical towns and  scenic routes have to be part of each sightseeing journey with me so be ready for amazing drives, picturesque spots and bring your cameras!

What about food? Someone says I'm obsessed about it and about the right food and wine pairing but forgive me, I'm a sommelier and I can't forget this plus I'm a foodie and I really want to eat healthy, fresh and local everywhere I go so I can I give you anything different?

So if you think I already shared a lot with you just in few lines, you got it: 

I am the right person for you and for your sightseeing and wine tours in Tuscany! 

A day with Cooltours® by Anna is the highlight of your trip, a true Tuscany experience with your "professional" friendly tuscan guide.

If you want to "feel" my personality listen to some podcasts I have been hosted to How to tour Italy and Total Tuscany

Since 2012 Cooltours® is a leader company for driving services and guided wine tours in Tuscany

In 2016 Cooltours® became a registered trade mark for its standards of quality

Since 2016 I'm an official third level sommelier (wine expert) graduated with the Italian Association of Sommeliers  (AIS Toscana)

How did Cooltours® start?

I got two degrees, one in Foreign Languages and one in Modern Cultures at the University of Florence and soon I started working as interpreter and this gave me the chance to travel all over Europe for two years and to develop my will of being among people although in a very informal and friendly way (totally the reverse when you work as an interpreter!).

As a "tuscany adopted" I felt a desire to really melt with the locals so I followed a training which resulted in a certification in Informazione Accoglienza Territoriale e Turistica (IAT) and by chance I ended working at an award winning winery producing both Chianti Classico and Supertuscan wines. 

It is there that I started to learn technically about winemaking cause I still remember when the winemaker asked me what did I know about winemaking during my interview, I was going to answer "I open the wine bottle and drink it"!

From the winery to the tour business.... and after more than 6 years collaborating as a driver/tour escort for several upscale companies and tour operators Cooltours® by Anna was born in 2012 as a one-woman business.

Goals achieved 

Cooltours® deals directly with private clients but we also partnered with several travel agencies and tour operators who sponsor my unique driving services and my Tuscany experiences to their clients.

Cooltours® can satisfy any request all over Italy since we have a net of English speaking drivers for every destination and type of service besides driver/guides for daily tours.  

We are all NCC so we are holders of an official license as a state-register driver ( so we can legally pick you up and drop you off at the doorstep of your lodgings in town, we do not need to set up a meeting point, we have access to any Italian city center).