Cooltours® - Tuscan Private Somm 

Cooltours® has a new experience to offer in Tuscany!

A professional Sommelier at your disposal in the comfort of your villa, coming directly there at lunch time or dinner time to let you enjoy an educational and engaging wine tasting.

Wines will be selected and carried at your place for a vertical tasting based on:

Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Chianti Classico

Brunello di Montalcino

Supertuscan wines 

According to your preferences and food served you will start with a white wine or a sparkling wine, rosè wine, lighter young reds and bolder red wines.

The wine tasting at your rental villa is an experience that you can enjoy directly and comfortably at your holiday home and everyone can enjoy the wine tasting without spending any time in the car to move to the wine regions or without having the trouble to drive back home! 

This is a special event highly recommended to impress your guests by giving them a once of a life time experience along with the professionalism of a certified wine expert and also it is an event for multiple times visitors who have been already involved in a daily wine tour.

It can be just a day or a part of a bigger event you planned such as a welcome event before a wedding party.

With my tasting at the villa, I come directly to your chosen place and I will share my knowledge about the production, the wine making procedures and the characteristics of each wine I will select for you.

Enjoy your time, enjoy your wines!