Cooltours® - Semiprivate Tuscany Tours and Tuscan Wine Tours

Shared Small group in luxury Mercedes minivan!

Starting from March till November hire Cooltours® for a semiprivate driving service, or so called joinable tours.

Send your request to know what's available during your stay in Florence and/or Siena to be able to join a shared tour with a maximum of 8 people in a luxury Mercedes minivan.

If you are the first to book a shared tour you can choose entirely the itinerary and eventually others will join, otherwise if you ask by last minute you will be told what is going on that day and you can choose to join us.

The advantage is to share the cost with other Tuscany and wine lovers and still get an exclusive service for a day tour with a personal touch away from the crowds and big group tours, you will have access to unique wineries, off the beaten path locations, authentic tuscan food not "snacks", professional and guided wine and olive oil tastings with your driver guide Anna.

Unless specified during the reservation procedures, you will be picked up at your lodging or a the closest spot and you will be dropped of back there.

The only requests to join a semiprivate tour are:

To be on time and respectful to the other joiners waiting in the vehicle or outside their lodging

Bring good mood!

How does a joinable tour work?

Pick up a date, ask for availability by email and if the date is open you will choose where to go and what to do and by keeping the date open other people asking for the same date, they might join the tour you have set up!

If there is already a full day tour someone else planned, after reading the itinerary you can decide if you wish to join us.....

Semiprivate services

€ 130 per person

Unless specified at the moment of the booking, pick up/drop off at your front door, no meeting points, due to joiners waiting time max. 5 minutes, for emergencies please call the driver.

(Children have to be 16 yrs + to join)