Tuscan Food Tours

Tuscany is the leader region in high quality wines and food as a matter of fact the Slow Food movement was born here.

And tuscan food can please everybody because on one hand this is a farming area full of vegetables, fruits and cheeses, on the other hand Tuscany promotes its meat with tons of good rules and certifications such as the DOP and the IGP legislation to protect the standards and quality of beef ( the special breed used for a great bistecca alla fiorentina is the Chianina cow) and its pork ( the free range pigs named Cinta Senese).

Of course these are just the main example but not to forget the tuscan balsamic vinegar based on Sangiovese grapes, the truffle olive oil and extra verging olive oil   
(to which a tour section is dedicated).

During each Cool Tour in Tuscany I am sure you will be happy with the food and in case of allergies/intolerances please let me know in advance and the Tuscan Food Tour as any other tour ( Tuscan Wine Tour, Tuscan Countryside Tour) will be planned accordingly without missing any good part of the tour! 

Tuscan Food Tours are specific tours focused on food activities and less wine tastings.

Beside the scenic drives and the hilltop towns, part of the day can be spent in one of these activities:

- Tuscan Cooking Classes
- Tuscan Truffle Hunting & gourmet lunch
- Tuscan Cheese Making & Farm Visit