Truffle Hunting in Tuscany- a day tour for demanding palates

Despite the truffle reputation seems linked to the name of Alba a town in Piedmont world wide known for its truffles, Tuscany hosts several off the beaten path areas where truffles grow in a pollution free environment: San Miniato and San Giovanni d'Asso along with the hills overlooking the mist-filled Arno valley.

The truffle season lasts approximatly 11 months and the summer black truffle appears on menus in early June. 

The prized white truffle, sometimes called the white diamond of Italy, grows from September
to December.

Regardless of the season, skillful hunters and their faithful dogs will help us finding some delicious truffles during our truffle hunting followed by a gourmet lunch with the possibility take part to cooking class to understand better how prepare this precious fungus.