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Chianti region is the most popular wine area in Tuscany so it is not a grape but a big region between Florence, Siena, Arezzo and Pisa.

I use to compare Chianti to a pizza with different ingredients on top and those ingredients are the soil, the altitude, the microclimate which will all affect the final product.

For this reason the wine region has been divided in "slices" or technically in "denominations" or sub-zones of Chianti and each one has its own characteristics and each wine bottle has its own "label" that tells you where the wine comes from.

Would you like to learn more about it? Would you like to taste wines which are far away from the typical bottle with the basket (the "fiasco" we say in Italian)? Would you like to taste top end Chianti and the popular blends with Cab and Merlot called Supertuscans? 

This might be the right destination for you as a wine lover but also as a first visitor in Tuscany since the area is one of the most beautiful Tuscan wine region crossed by the scenic road SR 222 running between Florence and Siena (both great home bases if you are thinking about booking this wine tour). 

The area is a patchwork of mountains, soft rolling hills covered by olive trees and slopes with perfectly cared vineyards where more than 600 tuscan vintners are growing local grape varieties such as Sangiovese along with international grape varieties introduced in Tuscany several years ago such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir.  

You will be driven and guided through the Chianti Classico region,  where you can expect to come across walled and charming hilltop tows such as Radda in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, historical villas once belonging to aristocrats such as the Medici, the Ricasoli, and castles such as Castello di Brolio, Castello della Panaretta. 
Super Chianti wine tour

This is a Super Chianti Classico Wine Tour!
3 Winery visits and wine tastings....