1. What does joinable tour mean?
    You choose a date and after asking for availability you will pick up a tour from my list and eventually other people will join you.

2. Is there a minimum number of people in order to book a tour?
    Yes the minimum is 2 people or if you are a solo travel you can join a scheduled tour if you like it and if the date can fit in your travel plans! 

3. Can a joinable tour be customized?
On a certain extend yes, being the first to book a tour we can both set up the details accordingly to your main interests.

4. Do I always get a joinable rate or do I pay extra if nobody will join? 
    Once you book a  joinable tour you get that rate and if nobody joins,
    it doesn't matter you'll be the only two in the van!

5. May I join a tour by calling the day before?
    Sure, you can call me the day before possibly between 9 am and 9 pm and according to   available spots you can join me!

6. Do you customize the price for families and children?
    Sure, let me know how many people are travelling together in your party and 
    how old your children are.

7. Do you run also private tours?
    Yes it is possible depending on schedules.

8. Do you pick us up at our lodgings?
    Yes, occasionally I might ask you in advance to plan meeting at a mutual convenient spot,
    but generally pick up is done at your lodgings' front door.

9. Can you pick us up in a place and drop us off somewhere else?
    Yes this is a possibility to give you the chance to include a transfer service
    the day of the tour and reach the next destination.

10. Can we carry our luggage along with us?
    Yes you can, the van is spacious enough for people and luggage.