Privacy Policy

In compliance with the terms of Italian Law No. 196/2003, regulating the treatment of personal data, Cooltours, in the person of Anna Maria Madaffari, acting as controller of your information, is obliged to demonstrate how said data will be used.

In this respect it is specified that:

1. Personal data will be preserved by Cooltours and is always available on request to the person or subject who supplied the original information (the user).

2. Personal data will not be made available to third parties.

3. The user may contact the controller, Anna Maria Madaffari, at any time to have all data removed from Cooltours's archives.

4. Cooltours will not use your data to send unsolicited mail.

Considering how much we all (company's owner/users) use social media to advertise, promote or simply share news, once booking a day trip with Cooltours please make sure you may/ may not agreeing in having any picture, video, any kind of media of you published online.